You could use all of these...

Or you could just use idealSUITE

Less Money Less Time Less Admin

All components of idealSUITE are meant to cut costs, administrative burden, and time. What has traditionally taken weeks or months, thousands of dollars, and major infrastructure to manage now takes far less time and expense.

Key Features

Loans can be presented in idealVIEW format and all due diligence can be organized in one place. Workflow can’t begin without a solid stream of deal flow.

Underwriting and organizational workflow management application that ensures no part of the process is left unchecked.

Discover insightful data to produce high quality findings, leading to better, more profitable deals.

Adaptable task management, administrative functions, and document generation processes ensure all staff and managers are working on the right things at the right time.

Through functions that would typically only be available through 3rd-party services, investors can access product and performance info related to the loan portfolio.

What has historically been done with spreadsheets and calculators can now be done online. The system integrates accounting functions that make it easy to view or generate reports.